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Validation of Bedside Ultrasound of Muscle Layer Thickness of the Quadriceps in the Critically Ill Patient: The VALIDUM Study

Objective :  To evaluate the validity of bedside ultrasounds (US) of quadriceps muscle layer thickness (QMLT) and Multiple Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (MF-BIA) by comparing measurements from US and MF-BIA to those estimates of lean body mass obtained from CT scans of the abdomen when done for clinical reasons. 

Validum images

Valdium images 2

Hypothesis: We expect to observe a high degree of correlation between the baseline CT scan, US and MF-BIA and the changes in US measures and MF-BIA over time to correlate with changes to CT scan measures of lean body mass. 

Study Design:   This is a multi center, prospective, observation study across 5-6 intensive care units which will enroll 200 patients over a 12 month enrollment period followed by a 6 month period to complete data analysis.

Status: Erollment is complete.




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