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This setting is only taking a look when select color and background.
If you want to set showcase color, background and disable Setting Bar, go to Templates Manager > AT-Templates > Global Tab

What is the Best of the Best Award?

To be considered for the Best of the Best award, ICUs must:
1) Finalize a minimum of 30 patients by the end of the trial, and
2) Be willing to send us source documentation for purposes of verification
Eligible sites are ranked based on their performance on the following 5 criteria:
- Adequacy of provision of protein
- Avoidance of overfeeding calories
- Use of enteral nutrition (EN)
- Early initiation of EN
- Use of promotility drugs and small bowel feeding tubes
- Adequate glycemic control
The top site receives a $1000 reimbursement to an educational session. The top 10 sites receive a Best of Best plaque.
For more information on the creation of the award and its scoring system, please read "Creating a Culture of Clinical Excellence in Critical Care Nutrition: The 2008 ˜Best of the Best' Award" published in JPEN (2010) by Dr. Daren Heyland et al.


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