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A Randomized Trial Of Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition in Under and Overweight Critically Ill Patients: The TOP UP Trial

NIH (National Institutes of Health) grant for TOP UP awarded!

TOPUP_PosterHeyland DK et al.

The TOP UP trial is a pilot randomized controlled trial in 160 critically ill patients with a BMI of <25 or ?35 in 8 ICUs across Canada, the United States and Europe. It will determine the effect of increased energy and protein amounts delivered to critically ill patients via enteral and parenteral nutrition. This pilot will assess the feasibility, recruitment rate, safety and tolerance of the intervention and will also explore the effect of differential rates of energy/protein provision on muscle mass and muscle function.

Funded by: Canadian Intensive Care Foundation, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Status: Completed

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