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Congratulations to 2011's Best of the Best Award Winners! 



This year's Best of the Best Award recipients from the International Nutrition Survey 2011 were announced on January 22 at ASPEN's Clinical Nutriiton Week in Orlando, Florida. In order to be eligible for the award sites had to finalize at least 20 patients in their ICU, have a feeding protocol in place in their ICU, and be willing to send us source documentation for purposes of data verification. This year, out of 183 sites from 27 countries that participated in the International Nutriiton Survey, 126 sites were eligible for consideration for the Best of the Best Award. The top 10 sites are listed in ranked order below: 

  1. 1. The Alfred The Alfred ICU, Melbourne, AU: Click here to see what this ICU thinks has helped them become one of the Best of the Best! Also, click here to see a news article about The Alfred's exciting accomplishment. 

  2. BOB_Alfred

  3. 2. Gold Coast Health Services District General Adult ICU, Gold Coast, AU: Click here to see what this ICU thinks has helped them become one of the Best of the Best!

  4. GCH_BOB2011 

  5. 3. Trillium Health Centre ICU, Mississauga, CA

  6. IMG_6925

  7. 4. Beaumont Hospital Richmond ITU, Dublin, IE

  8. IMG_6928

  9. 5. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre CrCU, Toronto, CA: Click here to see what this ICU thinks has helped them become one of the Best of the Best!

  10. CritCareNutritionAward_120208_0055b35d


  12. IMG_6927

  13. 7. Apollo Speciality Hospitals INTENSIVE CARE UNIT, Madurai, IN

  14. IMG_6927

  15. 8. AMRI Hospitals AMRI MITU, Kolkata, IN

  16. AMRI_ITU

  17. 9. Beaumont Hospital General ICU, Dublin, IE (Tied for 9th place) 

  18. IMG_6928

  19. 9. Hospital Nacional Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen D. Cuidados Criticos, Lima, PE (Tied for 9th place)
  20. IMG_6930

The following sites received honourable mention: 

  • Tri-Service Hospital MICU, Taipei, TW
  • Regina General Hospital MPICU, Regina, CA
  • Pasqua Hospital Pasqua Hospital ICU, , CA
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital RMH ICU, Melbourne, AU

So, what makes an ICU the Best of the Best? This year we've asked if some of the top ranking sites could share what they think helps them excel in terms of nutrition performance. We'll profile some of these sites over the next few weeks. To start us off, please click here to see what Sunnybrook CrCU had to say! 

If you participated in the International Nutrition Survey, but your site did not make it into the top 10 this year, you now have approximately a year until the next survey, where you can improve upon any weaknesses you identified in your site report. Visit our Resource Centre for more information. You could be our Best of the Best award winner next year! 

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