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Effective immediately, we will no longer be producing or updating the Canadian Critical Care Nutrition CPGs. We are proud to have produced the first methodologically rigorous, evidence-based CPGs for our critical care nutrition community, an effort which began back in 2001. We plan to continue to update the systematic reviews of the various critical care nutrition topics and make those publicly available by end of 2018. This initiative will be completed in partnership with our colleagues at University Hospital RWTH Aachen in Germany who have expertise in conducting systematic reviews. Similar to our past systematic reviews, we will include all RCTs of nutritional interventions involving critically ill patients examining clinically important outcomes published since 1980. The included studies will undergo a formal review by our review committee and provide the latest and best summaries of evidence in the various areas of critical care nutrition. It is hoped that these summaries will still be informative to clinicians and form the basis of different CPGs being produced around the world

Review Committee:

Dr. Daren Heyland, MD

Dr. Christian Stoppe, MD

Dr. Carina Benstoem

Elena Laaf, MSc

Margot Lemieux, RD

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