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This setting is only taking a look when select color and background.
If you want to set showcase color, background and disable Setting Bar, go to Templates Manager > AT-Templates > Global Tab

What is the Best of the Best Award?

To be considered for the Best of the Best award, ICUs must:
  • Finalize a minimum of 30 patients by the end of the trial
  • Be willing to send us source documentation for purposes of verification
Eligible sites are ranked based on their performance on the following 5 criteria:
  • Adequacy of provision of protein
  • Avoidance of overfeeding calories
  • Use of enteral nutrition (EN)
  • Early initiation of EN
  • Use of promotility drugs and small bowel feeding tubes
  • Adequate glycemic control

The top site receives a $1000 reimbursement to an educational session. The top 10 sites receive a Best of Best plaque.

For more information on the creation of the award and its scoring system, please read "Creating a Culture of Clinical Excellence in Critical Care Nutrition: The 2008 ˜Best of the Best' Award" published in JPEN (2010) by Dr. Daren Heyland et al.


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