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Critical Care Nutrition at the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit (CERU)

is dedicated to improving nutrition therapies in the critically ill through knowledge generation, synthesis, and translation. We engage in a broad range of research activities and promote a culture of best practices in critical care nutrition. Ultimately, this will result in improved clinical outcomes for critically ill patients and increased efficiencies to our health care systems.


Have you heard about The EFFORT Trial?

Currently, protein prescriptions for critically ill patients range from 0.5-3.8g/kg/day, with insufficient evidentiary basis to establish while level of protein administration is optimal. By combining the International Nutrition Survey (INS) with the power of randomization, we are launching this registry-based randomized clinical trial where we have taken usual practices and created two (2) groups randomizing patients to a lower (≤ 1.2g/kg/day) or higher (≥2.2g/kg/day) protein prescription. This is considered one of the most important questions facing our critical care nutrition community and we are thrilled to be offering up this collaborative where colleagues from around the world can participate and help us answer this question.

Is there going to be an INS again in 2018?

No, moving forward, the INS will become this registry-based RCT (and in the future, other RCTs). However, if you participate in EFFORT, you will still get a bench-marked site report that identifies your nutrition performance compared to other participating sites and can be eligible for the Best of the Best Award. So in one sense, we are still running the INS program, it has just changed in that we are randomizing practitioner on one of the key data points that previously we have just been collecting.

Hear more at the ASPEN Nutrition Science & Practice Conference
(Formerly Clinical Nutrition Week)

The EFFORT Trial will be presented by Drs. Daren Heyland, Charlene Compher and Todd Rice at the conference in Las Vegas on January 25, 2018 from 2:30-4:00 pm. Come and hear more details about this unique research/ quality improvement opportunity!

Open for Registration!

Interested ICUs can submit their online registration application now! Click here for more information.

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