Mission Statement

To improve practice of nutrition therapies in the critical care setting through knowledge generation, synthesis and translation in a manner that will translate into improved clinical outcomes for critically ill patients and improved efficiencies to our health care systems.


To extend our reach, we have partnered with colleagues from the United States, Germany, and Malaysia (see Team Members for more details).

Scientific Leadership

The scientific leadership of our organization is provided by Dr. Daren Heyland, Dr. Jayshil Patel, and Dr. Christian Stoppe. 

Specific Goals and Strategies

Knowledge Generation

Goal: To conduct multi-center trials of nutritional interventions in the critical care setting

Strategy: Conduct systematic reviews of nutrition therapy to determine optimal potential intervention.

Develop national and international networks and partners.

Facilitate training partners in research methodology.

Develop web-based data management platforms.


Knowledge synthesis

Goal: To develop a "warehouse" of all randomized clinical trials of nutritional interventions in the ICU setting.

Strategy: Conduct ongoing systematic reviews of nutritional intervention.


Knowledge translation

Goal: To develop strategies to change and improve clinical practice around the world.

Strategy: Develop and maintain web-based dissemination "Tools" and "Training Kits" to empower local opinion leaders.

Audit performance with web-based survey of nutrition practice.